Reduced Fare Transportation Regulation

This regulation is valid for flights operated by the SATA Group.


IATA Agents

Reduced Fare Transportation (AD) are given by the SATA Group to Travel Agents, based on the previous year sales volume, and this year, they will be awarded as shown below:

  • 1 (AD00N1)
  • 1 (AD75N1)
  • 10 (AD50N1)

The Reduced Fare Transportation must be requested through SATA4AGENTS, except for FAM TRIPS and Guides (Item 11).
This request shall be made by the travel agency director (who has appropriate access to SATA4Agents for this purpose) or by someone appointed by the director. All travel agency employees must be duly registered on the website to benefit from the AD.


Non-IATA Agents

To Non-IATA Travel Agents, the SATA Group grants Reduced Fare Transportation (AD) with a 50% discount – 10 AD50N1
The Reduced Fare Transportation must be requested through SATA4AGENTS, except for FAM TRIPS and Guides (Item 11).

Conditions for granting AD:

 1 – AD bookings, changes, and revalidations are made through the Agents Help Desk, on number 296 209737. After working hours, they should be made by the CSC at 296 209720. AD bookings are subject to availability;

 2 - Bookings previously made with public fares cannot be converted into AD bookings;

 3 – The AD is valid for travels agents who are active and on the Agency’s staff;

 4 – The Reduced Fare Transportation requests are made through SATA4AGENTS after a booking has been made;

 5 – The Reduced Fare Transportation for companions is always AD50 and taken from each Agency’s allotment. Each employee is entitled to one companion per trip, and both must be on the same booking;

 6 – The AD may be issued at any SATA sales counter (Offices or Contact Center) respecting the AP of each route;

 7 – On AD issuances, a Ticket Service Fee (XP) of 4EUR per ticket applies, regardless of discount, reduced fare type, or route;

 8 – AD authorization is valid for the entire calendar year in which it is requested. Once the ticket is issued, it is valid for 3 months to start the trip and 6 months from the start date to finish the trip;

 9 – After the reduced fare transportation is granted, the travel agent may change the date and/or the route, maintaining the AD discount/authorization initially granted and the same Company. In case of tickets already issued, the fare and taxes must be updated, as well as the No-show fee of 25€, if applicable;

 10 - If the ticket has not been issued, the authorization can be reset. If the ticket has already been issued, the authorization can only be restored on the day of issuance, when it is possible to cancel the ticket;

 11 – For FAM TRIPS and Guides, the AD should be requested by e-mail (, up to 5 days before the travel date. We emphasize that for Guides, it is mandatory to send the IATA model 880;

Note: When making group requests, they should request an additional place for the Guide. Afterward, they should send to the Help Desk the name of the Guide, his credential, and the documentation referred to in point 11.

 12 – Cancellations:
   - TKT fully unflown: full refund;
   - TKT partially flown: fare recalculation, the amount to be refunded being the difference in fare + taxes;
   - Ticket Service Fee (XP) not refundable;
   - In case of No-show, a 25€ fee applies;
   - Changes are allowed, without penalty.

Note: It is considered No-Show any passenger who changes/cancels his/her booking and does not update the ticket before the departure of the originally booked flight, i.e., it is mandatory to reissue/refund the ticket before the original flight.

 13 - In case of non-compliance, SATA reserves the right to inhibit or suspend the granting of reduced fare transportation.


Interpreter Guides:

Discounts will be granted per IATA season and a minimum number of passengers in GRP in the following terms:

Low Season
  - Groups between 10 to 14 paying adult passengers - AD50N1
  - Groups between 15 to 20 paying adult passengers - AD75N1
  - Groups with more than 20 paying adult passengers - AD00N1

High Season
  - Groups between 10 to 25 paying adult passengers - AD50N1
  - Groups between 26 to 35 paying adult passengers - AD75N1
  - Groups with more than 35 paying adult passengers - AD00N1

2021 – High Season:
 02MAY21 to 16MAY21
 15JUN21 to 30SEP21
 15DEC22 to 03JAN22
 1 week before and after Easter

2021 – Low Season: Remaining periods of 2021

Note: The number of GRP passengers must be informed at the time of the AD request, as well as their PNR.

Other information: The issuance of a ticket with reduced fare transportation is based on the applicable fare of the following classes:

OW/RT Trip OW/RT Trip
Azores (PDL/TER) - Mainland Portugal (LIS/OPO) L- n/a
Azores (SMA/PIX/HOR) - Mainland Portugal (LIS) H- n/a
Azores – Madeira H- n/a
USA / Canada  S- C- 
Europe (FRA) W- n/a
Lisbon - Cape Verde (RAI) L- D-
Ponta Delgada - Cape Verde (RAI) K- D-
Inter-Islands Azores/Madeira LSPAZ- n/a

Issuance AP:

Mainland Portugal / Madeira - Azores 360d-3d=>72h BD
Mainland Portugal - Madeira 360d-3d=>72h BD
Europe 360d-3d=>72h BD
Canada 360d-30d=>28d BD;
29d-6d=>72h AB;
5d-2d=>24h AB;
2d-1h=> Same time.
USA 360d-30d=>28d BD;
29d-6d=>72h AB;
5d-2d=>24h AB;
2d-1h=> Same time.
Domestic flights SP 360d-3d=>72h BD

AP - Advanced Purchase
BD - Before Departure
AB - After Booking

Blackout periods 2021:

Domestic /Europe/Africa
25MAR21 to 05APR21
01JUL21 to 30SEP21
17DEC21 to 03JAN22
15JUN21 to 30SEP21
15DEC21 to 03JAN22
North America
30APR21 to 16MAY21
12JUN21 to 25SEP21
15DEC21 to 08JAN22


Blackout periods 2022:

Domestic /Europe/Africa
01APR22 to 18APR22
01JUL22 to 30SEP22
16DEC22 to 02JAN23

15JUN22 to 30SEP22
16DEC22 to 02JAN23

North America
06MAY22 to 27MAY22
01JUN22 to 30SEP22
15DEC22 to 06JAN23

01JUN22 to 30SEP22
15DEC22 to 06JAN23

Note: Reduced fare transportation may be granted, within the blackout periods, for professional trips: guides, FAM TRIPS, and fairs participation, always duly documented.