1. General Terms and Settings
1.1 - SATA AGENT AWARD is SATA Group's Frequent Flyer Program for SATA4AGENTS website addressed to Travel Agents. It offers its clients the possibility to win points and exchange them for award tickets as mentioned below.
1.2 - “SATA Group” consists of SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines.
1.3 - The “Organizing Companies” are SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines.
1.4 - “Credit” refers to points awarded on flights operated by Azores Airlines.
1.5 - “Balance” is the total of points available for award tickets.
1.6 - “Member” means a SATA Group client that has successfully concluded the process of joining SATA AGENT AWARD.
1.7 - The General Terms and Settings here defined correspond to SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD’s Regulation and may be subject to changes. The updated version of the General Terms and Settings can be found online at and can be sent via email or fax by Member request through the SATA4 AGENTS Assistance ( Members cannot use any written communication or other sources of information that might be out of date.
1.8 - Although the current English version of the General Terms and Settings of the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD exists, the Portuguese version is the only valid version in case of doubt.
1.9 - The Organizing Companies may change the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD’s Regulation at any time and without prior notice. Any new rules and/or revisions of those in force are applicable to all Members from the moment they are published online.

2. Membership
2.1 - Being a Member of SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD defines the beginning of a contractual association with the Organizing Companies under the General Terms and Settings, which define the rights and duties of SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD’s Membership.
2.2 - Any travel agent (IATA or non IATA) may apply for SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD.
2.3 - Contenders to SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD must properly fill in the online form through, declaring acceptance of Rules and other terms of SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD.
2.4 - The Organizing Companies have the right of Member admission to the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD.
2.5 - When registering on, clients will have to choose a username (an alphanumeric sequence with 4 to 10 characters). The username will also be used as the identification PIN for bookings.
2.6 - Whenever the client makes a new booking, the OSI (corresponding to the GDS in duty) and PINS4user in free text must be entered.
2.7 - The Organizing Companies may exclude a SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD Member in the following situations:
2.7.1 - Failure to comply with the present Rules, General Conditions and other regulations concerning the application of the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD;
2.7.2 - Misrepresentation;
2.7.3 - Attempting to obtain benefits and awards through false, inappropriate or abusive statements;
2.7.4 - Misconduct on board or in the offices of any Organizing Company or Service Partners, as well as insulting, slandering or showing any rude treatment towards any employee in any way;
2.7.5 - Membership will automatically end in case the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD program is terminated; 
2.7.6 - Failure to comply with the dispositions of the transportation contract signed with any SATA Group air carrier.
2.8 - Members may cancel their SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD membership in writing by letter, fax or email stating their wish to do so and the cancellation will be valid from the date of reception of the written communication by the Organizing Companies.
2.9 - By ending the Membership, all points accumulated to the date will be lost.

3. Awards
3.1 - The awards given within the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD program, among others that are or will be defined by the Organizing Companies, are award tickets valid for travelling in routes operated regularly by SATA Air Açores or Azores Airlines.
3.2 - Access to all the awards given by SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD will be granted only through and will only be provided if the client is properly registered.
3.3 - Besides these awards, others may be available, for a limited time, and will be announced at the website and/or other media.
3.4 - Members are liable for airport, fuel and other fees.
3.5 - The awards given and the amount of points necessary to win them are published regularly and can be found at the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD calculator on the website. Further information can also be requested to the SATA4AGENTS Assistance (
3.6 - Awards and points can be changed, at any moment and without prior notice, by the Organizing Companies, and will be announced as mentioned in 3.5.
3.7 - Award tickets are booked and issued via
3.8 - Upgrades with points are not allowed.
3.9 - Once the award ticket is issued, all booking changes will be subject to an administrative fee. An exception applies when clients do not show to the previously booked flight, which will be subject to an administrative fee. These amounts can be consulted in attachment. This travel facility does not allow the change of route and fare basis.
3.10 - The refund of awards and points will be possible on domestic and international flights, subject to an administrative fee, provided that the ticket has not been used. In case of clients that do not show to the previously booked flight, a No-show fee will be applied. These amounts can be checked on the table below.
3.11 - Any SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD Members with confirmed bookings, using award tickets, who miss boarding without prior booking cancellation are subject to a fee according to the amounts on the table below.
3.12 - Availability of seats for award tickets varies according to the origin/destination, date and time of flight. There is a limited number of seats for award tickets even if flights are not fully booked. Furthermore, the Organizing Companies may define other restrictions, namely flights and/or restricted periods for using points (blackout).
3.13 - The awards’ calculator mentioned in 3.5 displays the required points based on direct flights (routes with the same flight number are considered for this purpose) to exchange an award ticket in economy class as well as obtaining award tickets in the business class.
3.14 - Award tickets are valid for a year counting from the issue date or counting from the date of the beginning of the trip, in case it takes place up to one year after issue.
3.15 - Award tickets issued under a promotion are only valid during the promotion.
3.16 - As services assigned by the Organizing Companies such as awards under the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD, Members benefiting from these awards have the same rights and duties (as defined by the General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage) as all other passengers of the Organizing Companies.
3.17 - Except in some cases previewed in this regulation, award tickets can only be used by SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD Members entitled to them.
3.18 - Awards are personal and non-transferable, and cannot be transferred from IATA’s that are not part of the same group, replaced, increased or accumulated. Upon the death of a SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD Member, accumulated points cannot be transferred to another Member’s account.
3.19 - In what concerns the fare basis, award tickets are issued exclusively counter debit of points in the Member’s account and any other combination of payment methods is not allowed, unless the Organizing Companies hold a special promotion for a limited time.

4. Counting Points
4.1 - Points are the currency of SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD.
4.2 - Each member will have a SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD personal and non-transferable account to which the points obtained will be credited.
4.3 - Points cannot be exchanged for money.
4.4 - Points can be obtained as follows:
4.4.1 - Per segment flown in a regular Azores Airlines flight. The amount of points corresponding to the booked flights will be credited to the Member’s account and according to the points calculator available at, as long as an OSI is placed when booking (an entry corresponding to the GDS in duty) and a PIN4user in free text;
4.4.2 - Points can only be acquired in S4 flights operated by S4, except on Gran Canaria and Madeira routes (S4 flights operated by SP);
4.4.3 - Points are credited only after the tickets have been flown and are available for consultation in “My Points”, in the client’s account. (Crediting points may take longer when there are tickets involving other air carriers, when the trip begins outside Portugal, among others.);
4.4.4 - SATA Plus class (executive class) bookings will be credited with an amount of points 50% higher than expected in the points calculator;
4.4.5 - Bookings within the scope of a more restrictive and promotional fare will be credited with a lower percentage of points as provided in the points calculator;
4.4.6 - The Organizing Companies may implement promotional events that lead to a temporary increase or decrease of points provided in the points calculator, as well as points offered;
4.4.7 - Charter flights are not eligible to credit miles because they are not considered regular flights operated by SATA Group.
4.5 - The Organizing Companies may, within compliance of this Regulation, offer promotions only to a limited group of Members. Members not included in those promotions may claim the corresponding benefits, and the Organizing Companies are not obliged to reveal the selection criteria for group selection.
4.6 - Promotions may be published and/or announced to the Members only through email, text message and/or at the website.
4.7 - Miles will not be awarded for unused or expired tickets.
4.8 - Members must mention their PIN whenever booking so that they can ensure the correct crediting of points. The account’s evolution can be checked at the member’s personal area at
4.9 - The Organizing Companies are not responsible for any consequences resulting from non-crediting points to the Member’s account and there is no possibility of subsequent accounting.
4.10 - The validity of points of the SATA4AGENTS SATA AGENT AWARD Members is lifetime.
4.11 - Tickets issued by the Organizing Companies under permutation agreements, governmental orders, industry discounts and agent discounts or as SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD awards of the are not entitled to points.

4.12 - Members must access their Member Area at to check SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD’s activity.

5. General
5.1 - The Organizing Companies are not liable for any fees or any other kind of charges the Members may be subject to, concerning the awards obtained within the scope of SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD.
5.2 - When applying to the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD, Members openly consent to the use of the data stored in the system exclusively for customized services, marketing and communication purposes by SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines. Data will receive confidential treatment and will not be disclosed to third parties with exception to other companies that may be part of the Organizing Companies. Every Member has full access to their personal data and may correct or amend the data in their personal area at or through the SATA Agents Help Desk.
5.3 - In case of failure to comply with this Regulation and other SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD rules, a Member who uses the awards excessively or tries to obtain benefits by misrepresentation may, besides being liable for compensation for the damages incurred, have its account cancelled and all points withdrawn.
5.4 - Awards obtained illegally or in non-compliance with this Regulation will be made void.
5.5 - The Organizing Companies reserve the right to, at any given time, change in total or in part the current Regulation as well as terminate the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD according to notice sent with reasonable advance.
5.6 - Possible changes or amendments to the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD Regulation will be mandatory to all Members from the date of publication at the website.
5.7 - SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines reserve the right to trust the management of the SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD program to successor companies (in case of restructuring of the management of the organizations) or to third parties, and transfer the Members’ contracts to the above mentioned Companies or third parties for the purpose at hand. Members shall be notified of the event with reasonable advance notice.
5.8 - Changes mentioned in 5.6 do not imply prior notice to SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD program members.


Award Tickets Changes  (domestic and international flights) Before flight departure €30 
Noshow  €70
Award Tickets Changes (flights to/from USA and Canada - DISCOUNT and SMART fares) Before flight departure €50
Noshow €110
Award Refund (domestic flights)* Before starting the trip €30
 Noshow €95
Award Refund (international flights)** Before starting the trip €50 
 Noshow €120


*"Awards", means award tickets with points.
**Fares Discount and Smart don't allow cancellations/refunds of points and fuel fee (YQ).



Service Fee - Award tickets
  Inter-island Domestic Europe North America
Per ticket 16EUR/16USD/16CAD 25EUR/25USD/25CAD 100EUR/100USD/100CAD 150EUR/150USD/150CAD

Ticket service fee (XP) is not refundable.
Validity of points: Lifetime.

Changes to dates and timetables are the only allowed.
After departure, award refunds are not allowed.