Name Correction

SATA allows name corrections on flights operated by S4 and/or SP, when dealing with the same passenger in bookings with or without issued tickets, and before the start of the trip. When it involves flights operated by other airlines, please contact the Agents Help Desk.


Individual bookings:

Previous authorization in the booking will not be required in the following situations:

  • If the flight/class shows availability, a new booking must be made, the previous one cancelled, and reissued, as indicated below on Individual Tickets;
  • If the flight/class is sold out or on a waiting list, it is possible:
    1. a) Correct first name and title (e.g., MRS, MR, MISS, MSTR) without restrictions;
    2. b) Correct up to three characters of the surname (regardless of order) in a single transaction.


When necessary to make a name correction that does not comply with the rules mentioned above, authorization must be requested from the operating airline, in the booking, through SSR (Special Service Request). The text to insert should be, for example, PLS AUTH CHNT PAX SILVA/RUI MR TO TAVARES/RUI MR. You need also send an e-mail to your respective GSA in your Market or if your Market does not have a GSA please forward to with a reason for the request and a copy of the passenger's identification document duly authorized and signed by the person, or the guardian in case of a minor, under the GDPR.


I agree to the transmission of my personal data to the airline for booking’s name correction.


Individual tickets:

After the name correction, the ticket must be reissued, charging the fee in CP of EUR25/USD50/CAD50/BMD50.

The CP fee is waived in the following situations:

  • correction of a letter in the first name or last name;
  • correction of baby's first name;
  • correction of title (except from ADT to CHD or from CHD to INF).

The insertion in the Endorsement Box of the new ticket is mandatory, keeping the original ticket's information, when applicable (Ex: resident fare), and adding the following text: REISSUE DUE CHNT.

The new ticket numbers must be submitted to us, except in the following situations:

  • correction of first name and title (e.g. MRS, MR, MISS, MSTR);
  • correction of up to three characters in the surname (regardless of order) in a single transaction.

You should only consider this process complete once you have received an email from us confirming that the new tickets have been registered. If you don't get a reply from us by the last day of the reissue month, please contact us. Otherwise, the ticket may be subject to ADM.



Making a name correction that does not comply with the above rules will cancel the booking. It is the airlines' right, as described in the AIRIMP.

Ensure the passenger's name is from the identity card/citizen card or passport to avoid name corrections.

According to SATA's General Conditions of Carriage (Article 3 – Point 3.1.4), tickets are non-transferable. Therefore, passenger substitution is not allowed.